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Commercial Packages

    Beginner Package
    Reg Price:$850.99
    Season Sale:$795.99
    Deluxe Business Package
    Reg Price:$975.35
    Season Sale:$921.99
      SnowCone.com knows that a commercial snow cone machine should be reliable, durable, consistent and convenient, which is why we stock our shelves with only the most top-of-the-line snow cone machines anywhere. Well-equipped to handle large volumes of customers and to pump out hundreds of pounds of high-quality shaved ice per hour, these efficient, powerful snow cone machines are must-haves for business-minded snow cone machine operators.

      We carry electric powered and battery operated snow cone machines that are designed to yield large volumes of product quickly. Made by brands like Gold Medal, Echols, Paragon and more, each model is equipped with contemporary advancements that make your bottom line a priority. Our gas powered snow cone machine allows you to produce up to 500 pounds of quality shaved ice per hour using a lightweight but incredibly powerful system. Similarly, our 12-volt battery operated snow cone makers use deep-cycle, marine-type batteries to keep your business operating at peak capacity, even when there’s no power source available.

      Known as “the Cadillac of snow cone machines,” the Shavatron High Output Snow Cone Machine features three large blades in the ice shaver head that turn at just over 300 RPM to enable you to plane snow off the ice chunks in the hopper. It’s also equipped with a stainless steel dome, an imitation neon lighted sign and a 300 percent larger hopper opening than most other snow cone machines. We also carry the Big Max Model 203 High Volume Snow Cone Machine, a super high output ice shaver that can produce up to 1,500 pounds of ice per hour. Because of this machine’s unrivaled capacity for fast output, it’s the No. 1 snow cone machine for sporting events, carnivals and theme parts. This model comes with a snow cone machine accessory kit that includes a cup dispenser, a ladle, an ice pick and a scoop.