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Preservatives & Simple Syrup

    Citric Acid Solution - Preservative
    Reg Price:$6.00
    Season Sale:$5.50
    Sodium Benzoate Preservative
    Reg Price:$5.00
    Season Sale:$4.50
    Simple Syrup
    Reg Price:$7.95
    Season Sale:$4.95
      In order to keep your important snow cone flavor syrups fresh and flavorful, you need to add preservatives that tack on months of shelf life to each bottle. All of our pre-made flavored syrups already contain these beneficial ingredients, but if you plan to mix your own flavors at home, you’ll need to purchase preservatives that are specifically for snow cone syrups. We have assembled a high quality line of preservatives that will take the shelf life of your syrup from only two weeks to up to six months.

      Our ready-made preservatives for snow cone syrup include sodium benzoate and citric acid that work in combination with one another. These items come in either quart or gallon sized bottles, which help you to tailor the amount to the size of your business. They’re also available for very low prices, enabling you to increase the lifespan of your syrup without spending a fortune on costly preservatives.