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Snow Cone Signs

    Shaved Ice Signs
    Reg Price:$55.00
    Season Sale:$44.00
    LED Open Sign
    Reg Price:$69.99
    Season Sale:$49.99
    Open/Closed Sign
    Reg Price:$15.99
    Season Sale:$13.99
    Menu Board Number Magnets
    Reg Price:$36.95
    Season Sale:$34.95
    Snow Cone Menu
    Reg Price:$54.99
    Season Sale:$44.95
    Magnetic Snow Cone Menu Board
    Reg Price:$109.95
    Season Sale:$99.95
    Snow Cone Flavor Magnets
    Reg Price:$1.99
    Season Sale:$1.00
    Decorative Magnets for Menu Boards
    Reg Price:$1.99
    Season Sale:$1.00
    Menu Board Header Magnets
    Reg Price:$3.99
    Season Sale:$3.00
    Hawaiian Leis
    Reg Price:$12.00
    Season Sale:$7.50
    Wood A-Frame Chalkboard Menu
    Reg Price:$125.95
    Season Sale:$99.95
      For any snow cone or shaved ice business, it’s important to have clear, attractive signage so your customers can find your shop and know what you offer. Snowcone.com sells a variety of menus, signs, and other point of sale items that are perfect for your store or stand.

      Let customers know you’re ready to serve with a visible “Open” sign. And once your customers are inside, you’ll want to let them know what’s on the menu. Snowcone.com sells magnetic menu boards, flavor magnets, and other menu accessories. Need a banner to decorate your shop walls or windows or to use at special events? We have a large selection of shaved ice banners in several designs and sizes. These banners are also great for shaved ice and snow cone parties at home! And to create a more festive atmosphere, why not order some Hawaiian Leis?!