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Snow Cone Cups and Straws

    20 oz. Shaved Ice Cups [Styrofoam]
    Reg Price:$78.00
    Season Sale:$66.99
    Snow Cone Cups
    Reg Price:$2.49
    Season Sale:$1.99
    Flower Cups
    Reg Price:$40.98
    Season Sale:$29.99
    Color Changing Bowls
    Reg Price:$14.99
    Season Sale:$11.99
    Spoon Straws
    Reg Price:$1.95
    Season Sale:$1.49
    Color Changing Spoons
    Reg Price:$7.99
    Season Sale:$5.99
      It’s hard to enjoy a delicious snow cone without cups, straws or spoons, and napkins! You’ll need all these items whether you’re serving family and friends at home or customers at a shop. Snowcone.com has a large selection of paper and plastic products at affordable prices.

      We sell so many different types of cups that are great for shaved ice and snow cones. We have the classic paper snow cone cups and styrofoam cups. For more exciting serving options, we sell color changing bowls, glow-in-the-dark cups, and flower-shaped cups in several sizes.

      If you’re looking for basic plastic spoons, we have them. We also sell long soda spoons and color changing spoons. And, for customers who love enjoying a snow cone with both a spoon and a straw, we sell the ever popular spoon straws.