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Snow Cone Carts

    36 in. Shave Ice Wagon
    Reg Price:$950.00
    Season Sale:$862.34
    48 in. Shave Ice Wagon
    Reg Price:$1,325.00
    Season Sale:$1,111.97
    Insulated Sno-Kone Chest
    Reg Price:$725.00
    Season Sale:$630.88
    Medium Old Fashioned Snow Cone Cart
    Reg Price:$497.00
    Season Sale:$419.00
    Snow Cone Vending Cart
    Reg Price:$4,270.00
    Season Sale:$3,949.00
    Small Old Fashioned Snow Cone Cart
    Reg Price:$403.00
    Season Sale:$339.00
    Snow Cone Cart - Red and White
    Reg Price:$2,480.00
    Season Sale:$2,150.00
    Snow Cone Cart
    Reg Price:$729.00
    Season Sale:$679.89
    48-Inch Snow Cone Cart with Two Wheels
    Reg Price:$695.00
    Season Sale:$598.99
    Vending Cart for Snow Cones & Shaved Ice
    Reg Price:$4,200.00
    Season Sale:$3,900.00
      A great addition to your booming snow cone business, a snow cone serving cart gives your operation a finished, professional feel. Featuring both contemporary and antique-inspired designs, these charming serving stations are built to attract customers, keep your supplies organized and create extra space for preparation, storage and checkout. Equipped with wheels, counters, umbrellas, awnings, flavor shelves and more, each snow cone serving cart has everything you need to attract and sustain customers.

      SnowCone.comís selection includes styles ranging from charming, awning-equipped snow cone wagons to brightly-colored vending carts that catch the eye of event-goers from yards away. We carry snow cone-specific carts, including versions that feature high-quality ďSnow ConeĒ signs, as well as nondescript vendor stations that can be used for any type of business ó including use as a hot dog stand, portable bar, popcorn station and more.

      Some of our rolling snow cone carts, like the Insulated Sno-Kone Chest #1025, even include a 90-pound capacity ice chest to help you store large volumes of ice right in your service area. We also carry an antique rolling snow cone station that features two retro-inspired wheels on a durable stainless steel frame plus extra storage space for your syrup bottles, cups and other serving supplies. Perhaps our most unique snow cone cart design, the best-selling Four-Wheeled Snow Cone Wagon comes in two sizes to offer ample counter space for your machine, supplies and accessories. Itís topped off by a black and white striped awning to give it that traditional street vendor appeal.

      For large-scale operations, SnowCone.com carries commercial snow cone carts made from durable, easy-to-clean fiberglass. Vendiís sturdy, wheeled serving cart can be used with almost any type of machine and features a 10-compartment cash drawer thatís secured to the cart, an 82-inch long serving counter and a built-in, three-compartment hand wash sink to make portable, professional serving easier than ever.