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Cleaning Supplies

    Bottle Washer for Syrup Bottles
    Reg Price:$18.00
    Season Sale:$17.24
    Bottle Brush for Syrup Bottles
    Reg Price:$19.95
    Season Sale:$14.99
      Itís important to keep your supplies clean, both at home and at your snow cone shop. If you reuse your syrup bottles, it can be difficult to get inside each one to fully clean it without the proper tools. Snowcone.com sells all the cleaning supplies you need.

      To get inside those bottles, check out our bottle brushes. We sell brushes that are specially designed for cleaning gallon or quart sized bottles. And for easier rinsing, take a look at our bottle washer. It connects to any faucet to provide you with a pressurized bottle washing station.

      If you have any questions about our cleaning supplies or how to clean your bottles, let us know. The Snowcone.com team is happy to help.