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All Snow Cone & Shaved Ice Packs

    Shaved Ice Starter Package
    Reg Price:$65.55
    Season Sale:$55.75
    Shaved Ice Party Package
    Reg Price:$69.99
    Season Sale:$59.50
    Ultimate Shaved Ice Package
    Reg Price:$95.95
    Season Sale:$76.50
    Big Kahuna Shaved Ice Package
    Reg Price:$136.00
    Season Sale:$114.99
    Shaved Ice Party Kit With Little Snowie Max
    Reg Price:$349.99
    Season Sale:$323.84
    Supply Package
    Reg Price:$709.92
    Season Sale:$650.24
    Budget Package
    Reg Price:$3,299.00
    Season Sale:$2,927.41
    Budget Package without Paper Goods
    Reg Price:$2,530.79
    Season Sale:$2,383.19
    Starter Package
    Reg Price:$4,227.00
    Season Sale:$3,806.32
    Starter Package without Paper Goods
    Reg Price:$3,305.38
    Season Sale:$3,127.75
    Pro Business Package
    Reg Price:$4,723.65
    Season Sale:$4,281.05
    Pro Package without Paper Goods
    Reg Price:$3,689.25
    Season Sale:$3,447.62
    Snow Cone Starter Pack
    Reg Price:$58.99
    Season Sale:$50.25
    Snow Cone Party Pack
    Reg Price:$64.99
    Season Sale:$55.24
    Ultimate Snow Cone Pack
    Reg Price:$95.95
    Season Sale:$70.55
    Big Kahuna Snow Cone Package
    Reg Price:$140.99
    Season Sale:$119.25
    Roadside Snow Cone Stand Pack
    Reg Price:$266.99
    Season Sale:$226.99
    Beginner Package
    Reg Price:$850.99
    Season Sale:$795.99
    Deluxe Business Package
    Reg Price:$975.35
    Season Sale:$921.99
      To get started running a shaved ice or snow cone business, youíll need to purchase a few basic supplies. Snowcone.com has taken some of the work out of making supply lists and ensuring everything fits into your budget by creating business packages. These packages are filled with the supplies your shop needs to get started. Choose the package size and price that fits your business.

      If you already have a shaved ice machine, we have packages that include syrups, mixing supplies, and other accessories. And if you need everything including the machine, we have packages that include those as well. The great thing about Snowcone.comís packages is that we allow you to choose the flavors of syrups that are included, so you can choose the flavors that you and your customers want.

      We know there are a lot of options when choosing the supplies to get your snow cone or shaved ice business started. If you need any help selecting the right business package, please contact us at Snowcone.com.